The brake/clutch specialist for machine tools

Superior suppliers. Renowned products.

Our supplier’s products are renowned for superior effectiveness and durability. Brake Clutch Pro selectively chooses internationally proven products that are technically excellent and made from superior grade raw materials. Our product range is available in various functioning specifications so to fulfil the varied requirements of numerous industries and applications.

Our product offering includes dry & wet type electromagnetic clutches and brakes, telescopic brushes & inserts, mechanical clutches, fail safe brakes, friction materials for clutches & brake applications, clutch plates and sintered metal, paper & steel friction discs.

We are a company built on quality, customer service and old fashion family traditions.

Our mission is to supply our customers with the best in direct replacement and/or equivalent electromagnetic brakes and clutches that are not always easily found. There are many reasons why these Brakes and Clutches are not easily found such as the fact that these machines and components can be dated and were often manufactured abroad by companies such as Binder, Heid, Ortlinghaus, Simplatrol, Stromag, Telcomec, Teleco and ZF.
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